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Technical advice  |  Cleaning and maintenance
Maintenance of travertines and marbles requires minimum effort but must be done correctly to conserve the quality well. The cleaning should be done using water and a neutral soap.
Especific products can be used for the cleaning, protection and maintenance. Professional advice must be sought.
The application of hydrodrains or odour repellents lessens the pores of the surface avoiding the incorporation of liquids and at the same time letting the stone breathe. This type of maintenance is recommended for kitchens and bathrooms, where for obvious reasons, the material is more exposed to staining.
If any element should fall on the floor it should be cleaned immediately since with time it will become more difficult to clean. Some stains, like burns, are unable to be removed and the only solution is polishing.
It is necessary to have especially well-taken care of with the application in grounds of some finished. The finished of high porosity like the milled, aged and bush hammered, once placed can be forged with grey cement or of some colour to cover pores and thus to secure one better conservation of the same.
The surface polished in marbles and travertine can be realised in situ or place the directly polished stone of factory. Both forms are equally advisable although the quality of the polished one of factory obtains a crystallization superior.
In the polished finished, they can appear pores after the installation, which fill up with cement for meeting and soon it is come to its cleaning.
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